There are a million posts on which Agile methodology is better to use, this post will not be one of them.  Nor will I bash either approach.  The engineers before me have thought alot about how to optimize building software and created these frameworks to help us, and I thank them for that.

So what really works?  Change.

Is daily scrum becoming monotonous?  

Cancel it!   Chances are you know what your team mates are doing anyway.

Scrum software becoming a pain to use?

Move back to a physical board as a radiator.

Sprint iteration too long?

Try to shorten it or stop using iterations.

Requirements or stories poor?

Communicate to stakeholders you need their input before you start the work.

Is Kanban too open ended for your project?

Try Scrum for a more structured project.

Like the Kanban board, but some of the structure of Scrum?

Mix and match people.  It’s ok, feel free to experiment for what works for your team.

The point I am trying to make is that you need to know when to “break the rules” and use independent thought.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and innovate to find what works for you.  Blazing the trail sometimes is better then following a path you know does not work. Be bold, Be Brilliant, Be Happy.